It is a quarterly scientific journal\ Science issued in College of Education for Pure Science–University of Basrah internationally registered (ISSN) (1817 – 2695)   since    (1988) and EISSN (2411-524X), it is issued in both languages Arabic and English every six months with (30-40) researches in every issue.

    It was issued for the first time since ( 1988) with one issue, then it was increased to reach 2 issues annually due to the increasing number of researchers who wanted to publish in it for it has scientific sobriety.

    It receives the scientific researches in the fields of pure and applied science from different researchers. And the publishing process submitted to strict scientific procedures to keep its scientific and academic sobriety which has obtained through the previous years by editorial boards which rotated to manage the journal represented by University professors who have good scientific and academic experience which helped to develop the work of journal reaching to this level in addition to the high level of specific scientific evaluation which the research submits to it for publishing by scientific reviewers who have high degrees inside or outside Iraq and who have scientific and academic sobriety.